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This Tumblr is dedicated to the awesome child that is Tina Fey's daughter.

And yes, we know her last name isn't Fey, but isn't that easier?


Tina sharing some more great stories about her kids with Jimmy [x]

Tina Fey’s kids say the darndest things.

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Tina Fey’s secret to a relaxing #Oscars evening… Getting the #RedCarpet treatment at home.


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A rainy day last summer, I was trying to make Alice watch Annie but she was afraid of Kathy Bates who was on the box. She was like Oh no that lady is scary I don’t wanna watch it. So instead my husband turned on the tv and she watched Psycho. (Tina on Conan 2008)

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I wanted to write an Alice/Archie fanfic, so that’s just what I did. Here I go:

That was the most goddamn beautiful thing. Well, it would have been. But my daughter, whom I love dearly, fucked it up. Alice, my precious angel. Why would you do that? Let’s back up. Archie and Alice have never had…


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everybody needs a clip of Tina Fey imitating Alice Richmond saying “Get up, girl” in a Jamaican accent

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